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By albert

Welcome! I’m going to need to take hydrocodone for my illness it turns out

On 08, Jun 2019 | In Uncategorized | By albert

Hey everyone, so, welcome to my blog! What you’ll find here is me typing up anything interesting that I run into on my day to day. I do try to keep up with current events so that might be a topic of discussion at times.

Recently I had a bit of a misadventure. I went out biking to a trail and I took a pretty nasty spill. Nothing broken thankfully, but I managed to sprain my wrist pretty bad. I’m still in college and I need to write down a lot of things, and well, it’s my writing hand that’s messed up. Typing up with one hand and one single finger from the other is proving to slow to keep up with most teacher’s notes. So yeah, I’ve been in a bit of a pickle as of late, and all because I wanted to go out and have fun. Life’s like that sometimes I guess. The doctor tells me I need to buy hydrocodone. It should help with the pain which should help me with school work while I heal.

I’ve been in a bit of a rut since; I feel like it’s to be expected. I’m allowed to right? You get lousy luck, you feel a bit crummy for a bit right? I feel it’s right.

Well this turned into a bit of a downer but hey, it’s not all that. We know what’s wrong and how to fix it. Now for the final ingredient, time.