Voodoo Productions

We are in competition with no one. We run our own race.

We have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone.

We just aim to improve, to be better than we were before.

That’s us, and we are free.

Voodoo it’s an independent and singular production company.

Welcome to our world!

& Menorca

since 1997


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Nowadays everybody knows Barcelona –whether for business or holidays–, but there was a time when it wasn’t that famous. 

In the early 90’s service was still an odd word in the film business –we promise!

Little by little foreign producers and directors from all over the world started coming here to shoot their projects. 

In few years Barcelona became a filming hot spot in Europe. 

After almost 30 years, today it’s undeniably a solid international production destination.

Great quality-price ratio, human sized city, short driving distances to a vast range of landscapes, experienced bilingual crews, first-class suppliers, good weather, excellent gastronomy, world-class music festivals, cultural events and fun nightlife!

Barcelona is also very well connected to all main Spanish cities –by domestic flights or high-speed trains. 

Impressive natural sceneries and indoor locations around the country are reachable within few hours.

Spain definitely has an exceptional location inventory. Come and find it out –you won’t regret!


For many reasons Menorca is a special island. 

It’s still the most unspoiled of the Balearic archipelago.

In 1993 UNESCO declared Menorca biosphere reserve recognizing its excellent and balanced relationship between human activity and conservation of natural and cultural values.

Besides wild nature, idyllic beaches, beautiful countryside, spectacular cliffs and fascinating lighthouses it has stunning unique locations you can’t find in the other Balearic islands.

And we know it inch by inch, since we were born, our whole life.

Production-wise it’s undiscovered so far and shooting facilities are limited. 

But it’s well connected with Barcelona and Mallorca by constant flights and daily ferries.


Voodoo means spirit, soul. It is not a cult, black magic or devil worship. It is not morbid or violent.
It has no scripture or world authority.
It’s community-centered and supports individual experience, empowerment and responsibility.
Its origins are to be found in the pioneers who fought for their freedom against slavery, racism and taboo.
Embraces and encompasses the entirety of human experience.
It’s also about healing and social activism.
A spiritually inspiring and magic tradition by eating, dancing, singing and drumming.
Is more than a belief, it’s a way of life.

Txell Sabartés

Albert Brasó

The two of us were born and raised in Barcelona. We both started as photographer’s assistants in late 80’s. 

In 1991 we began working together as free-lancers in photography and film production for local and foreign companies.

In 1997 we set up Voodoo Productions, our own production company.

We do artisanal production. We manage all the projects ourselves –from the first creative stages to the final execution.

We like working side by side with producers and directors, from budgeting, scouting, prepping to shoot and post– we are always there looking for the best way to make it happen. 

From the start we’ve always combined international services and in-house productions. Our extensive experience working with people from all over the globe gives us a wide vision to produce all kind of projects and create our own ones.


Txell Sabartés

mob. +34 619 763 001

Albert Brasó

mob. +34 619 763 002